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Field Control Therapy

What is Field Control Therapy (FCT)

FCT is known as Field Control Therapy. It also goes by the name of “Digital Medicine”. It was developed by a medical cardiologist by the name of Dr. Savely Yurkovsky. Dr. Murphy is only one of less than 50 practitioners in North America trained and certified in this dynamic, safe and effective procedure. It is not a “One-Size-Fits-All” approach.

FCT is an innovative and cutting-edge system that uses both Diagnostic (testing) and Therapeutic (treatment) procedures to effectively and safely treat patients with a wide variety of health challenges. The approach is non-invasive, painless and very precise at uncovering & treating the deeper underlying CAUSES to one’s health issues.*

FCT is a patient oriented; science-based system of determining and prioritizing which key tissues/organs have been affected by toxic elements (ie: heavy metals; chemicals; drug & vaccination residues; bacteria; virus; parasitic and/or fungal infiltrations and more). The testing outcomes then directs what needs to be treated with targeted homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own immune system for removal. It is the premier system of finding and eliminating toxicity (& doing so with precision and safety). It is patient specific and customized to each individual’s specific unique needs.

*Results may vary by patient and treatment.


FCT (Field Control Therapy) empowers the use of a novel bio-resonance testing algorithm aimed at the precise identification of the “Key” toxins that are blocking key energetic cellular domains (and at multiple levels) in “Key” tissues/organs. These blockages are what then results in a distressed state within the tissue/organ and a subsequent loss of health to the patient.

Using a form of accurate reflex testing (NOT muscle testing, which is too unreliable), we can monitor a sequence of reflexes exhibited by the body in response to numerous stressor elements. Use of the FCT algorithm allows us focus exclusively on the key pernicious (toxic) factors that disrupt the normal balancing (homeostatic) systems of the body and, of key importance, provides guidance as to how to critically analyze and prioritize the findings.

The information obtained reveals, in precise terms, what the primary underlying factor(s) are CAUSING one’s health challenges. Finding the precise strength of the remedy; the exact order of when to give each remedy and the precise timing to use in spacing out each remedy is also revealed with the testing.


Involves a unique application of homeopathic remedies which are given in a very precise order with precise timing. These remedies are directed at the removal of the “Key” pernicious agents in the “Key” targeted tissues/organs which are the critical sabotagers of a patient’s distressed health state. This will automatically start the process of restoring homeostasis back within the body and allow the return of health.

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